Shaykh Abdul Ahad

“In the name of Allah the most beneficent and merciful”

A Brief Introduction of:

Shaikh Abdul Ahad (hafidahullah)

  M.A. (Islamic Studies)

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He is a dynamic bilingual (Arabic & Urdu) lecturer and Islamic orator who has authored several books and Articles about Islam (under press procedure). He is a popular speaker in Muslim circles; especially in migrated Indian and Pakistanis living in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia. He has been studied in Saudi Arabia and he is calling people to the root way of Quran and Hadeeth.

For a common benefit his biography is being prepared herewith as follows:-



Date of birth

He was born in India (Kamharya, Siddharth Nagar, UP – India) in 1976.  

Life in  Saudi Arabia

He went to Saudi Arabia with his parents and other family components in year 1403H.

About his Father

His Father is a Famous Islamic Scholar called Shaikh Abdul Quddus (hafidaullah) has been worked in Saudi Supreme Court as research scholar.

Educated at:


Madarsa Muhammad bin Sireen – Riyadh City

Affiliated with Education Ministry of Saudi Arabia


Ma’had ul Elmi – Riyadh City


Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University – Riyadh

Hifz e Quran

He completed his Hifz-e-Quran at “Jami’a Khairia-le-Tahfeez-il-Quran” Riyadh- Saudi Arabia in year 1412H.

His Teachers

He has been taught by many worldwide famous scholar such like Allama Ibn e Baz, Abdullah bin Jabreen. Abdul Aziz Al-Rjhi, Abdul Kareem Al-Khudair & Mohammad bin Abdul Muhsin Al-Turkey etc.

University Degree

Master Degree in Hadeeth from Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in year 1430h.

Da’wa Trainings







School of Thought

Ahlus Sunna-wal-Jama’ah the rout way or of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) his Companion and Salafe us Salheen (adiallhualaihim)


Da’ei (the person who is calling and guide people to the way of Allah)

Previous Job

He has been worked as Lecturer in Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in year 1432H.

Present Job

Working for Riyadh’s Sultana Da’wa Center (Saudi Arabia)

Special field of interest

Correction & purifying the Muslim’s aqeedah who have run away from the original instruction of Islam and have created many bida’at and khurafat.

Activities in Saudi Arabia

 Da’ee at Islamic Propagation office Sultanah

 Weekly Lectures at Masjid-e-Farooq (Ghubera, Riyadh)

 Weekly Lectures on Bukhari (Gubera, Riyadh)

 Lectures at various other mosques across Riyadh

 Heads RaheJannath Studios

 Founder Of RaheJannath Group

 Al Wafi program

 Various other activities



Public Lectures

Shaikh is well-known for his weekly and monthly lectures and programs in Riyadh, he is convincing people on their religious issues, he correct the muslim’s aqeedah (faith), he is answering for challenging questions posed by Urdu speaking community and sometime by non-muslims too. Many non-muslims accepted the Islam upon his calls and guidance to the Islam (Alhamdulillah). He has headed as Taraweeh Imam in United Kingdom, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Saudi Arabia and during these tours he was delivering droos (lectures) after prayers, in addition to a large numbers of public talks in India and Saudi Arabia. He has successfully participated in several conferences in and out of Saudi Arabia with prominent religious personalities in same.

The Lecture on Seert-un-Nabi (saw)

His Historic Lectures (on Biography of Prophet Muhammad in 63 episodes) was delivered in Riyadh’s Gubaira Jama Masjid become very popular, faith growing and touching heart.

Book Authored








Marwiaat Aal-ul-Bait was written for Master Degree

The Countries  he visited for Da’wa propose

United Kingdom

Invited by Saudi Embassy to head as Tarweeh Imam.


Doing Imamah (heading) in Masjid Al-Noor .


Invited for Taraweeh and Religious Lectures.


Invited to participate an Islamic Conference.

Activities in India


Managing religious programs and seminars.


Appreciating religious students specially those in Hifz-of-Quran and managing competition programs among them.


Consulting with executive body of Tahfeez ul Quran Center.



Executive: Tahfeez ul Quran Center – UP – India.


Member: Islamic Cultural Center – Iceland (Europe).

Future Plan

To have his own Islamic Satellite Channel (inshallah)

Website was created by Shaikh and his team to approach the people all over the world.

Contact Detail


+966 507499784

Telephone (office)


Fax (office)



Postal address